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How to Download and Install Notation Composer 2.6.3 Full Version for Free

How to Download and Install Notation Composer 2.6.3 Full Version for Free

Notation Composer is a powerful music notation software that allows you to create and edit your own music scores. You can record notes from your MIDI instrument or keyboard, or insert notes with your mouse. You can also edit, transpose, play back, and print your music with ease.

notation composer 2.6.3.full.rar

Download Zip:

Notation Composer is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 and supports various file formats, such as MIDI, MP3, WAV, and PDF. You can also import and export files from other notation software, such as Sibelius, Finale, and MusicXML.

If you want to try Notation Composer for free, you can download the trial version from the official website. However, the trial version has some limitations, such as a watermark on the printed scores and a maximum of 10 files that can be saved.

If you want to get the full version of Notation Composer 2.6.3 for free, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the rar file

The first step is to download the rar file that contains the setup and the crack for Notation Composer 2.6.3. You can find the link to the rar file on various websites, such as FreeDownloadManager, Trello, or SoundCloud. Make sure you download the file from a reliable source and scan it with an antivirus program before opening it.

Step 2: Extract the rar file

The next step is to extract the rar file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will need a password to extract the file, which is usually provided on the website where you downloaded it. After extracting the file, you will see two folders: Setup and Crack.

Step 3: Install the setup

The third step is to install the setup by running the Setup.exe file in the Setup folder. Follow the instructions on the screen and choose the destination folder where you want to install Notation Composer. Do not launch Notation Composer after the installation is complete.

Step 4: Copy and paste the crack

The final step is to copy and paste the crack into the installation folder of Notation Composer. The crack is a file named Composer.exe that is located in the Crack folder. You need to replace the original Composer.exe file in the installation folder with the crack file. To do this, right-click on the crack file and choose Copy. Then go to the installation folder of Notation Composer (usually C:\Program Files\Notation\Composer) and right-click on an empty space and choose Paste. When asked if you want to replace the existing file, choose Yes.

Step 5: Enjoy Notation Composer 2.6.3 full version for free

Now you have successfully installed Notation Composer 2.6.3 full version for free. You can launch Notation Composer from your desktop or start menu and enjoy creating and editing your own music scores without any limitations.


Notation Composer 2.6.3 is a great software for music lovers who want to create and edit their own music scores. It has many features and functions that make it easy and fun to use. However, it is not a free software and you need to pay for the full version to enjoy all its benefits.

If you want to get Notation Composer 2.6.3 full version for free, you can follow the steps we have explained in this article. You just need to download the rar file, extract it, install the setup, and copy and paste the crack into the installation folder. This way, you can bypass the trial limitations and use Notation Composer 2.6.3 without any restrictions.

However, we do not recommend or endorse this method of getting Notation Composer 2.6.3 full version for free. It is illegal and unethical to use a cracked software without paying for it. It may also harm your computer or expose you to viruses and malware. Therefore, we advise you to purchase Notation Composer 2.6.3 from the official website and support the developers who created this amazing software. b99f773239


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