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Ivan Volkov
Ivan Volkov

The Best Encryption Software for 2023 | PCMag

Files as such certainly, but you probably do not want to show to everyone the pictures of your children in the bath or at the sea. In the case of uploading especially the naked children to the internet, do not forget to always protect them from seeing them by other people by choosing the files and folders with children as private or password-protected. Password setting is recommended whenever your children are partially or completely exposed! password protected

By sending an SMS with the text ULOZTO you've made a so-called Quick registration. We created an account with the same user name as your phone number (for example 420724123123) and with the password you just received in that SMS. These credentials are not for registration, you can use them directly to sign in.

-Fixed error uncompressing rar files with password.-Added shortcut Ctrl+S to start a download.-Added shortcut Ctrl+P to stop a download.-Updated megaup.netv-Updated

-Added some icons.-Proxy password is now hidden.-Turbobit updated.-Updated keep2share-Updated Yandex (

-Show Windows 10 style notification when files are completed or links are detected.-New option to change the destination folder for links in the downloads list.-Press enter/Escape in the window for when we add an existing file.-Avoid closing Mipony when it is decrypting a file.-Remember and restore captcha window position.-When the download folder does not extist, Mipony will create it instead of changing to the default folder.-Network paths are not reseted to the default download path when the network path is not found.-Sorting downloads by status now sorts the downloading files first,then waiting, etc. and not alphabetically.-Sorting downloads by priority now sorts higher priority first instead of alphabetically.-Show the speed in the title bar before the version number, so you can easily see the speed in the Windows task bar.-Double click a completed download will open the file.-Use Ctrl+F to search for files in the downloads list.-Downloads history now can be saved for up to 2 years period.-Keep selection when moved a group of files to the first or the last position.-Removed download file segments limit for Rapidgator premium downloads.-Fixed some downloads were corrupted.-CaptchaBrotherhood Plugin loading has been disabled since it no longer works.-Mipony can now download from using more segments.-Now the referer url can be set to many downloads at the same time.-Updated Google Drive.-Updated premium-Updated

-Updated rename file when there are downloading files with the same name.-Added Google Drive-Updated

-Fixed: "Enter Key" could enter two window captchas.-Fixed: cancel extraction could delete downloaded files.-Added premium.-Added premium.-Updated ( Yandex-Updated karelia-Updated to to Join Files window with ESC key.

-Updated not wait until a Mega file is decrypted to start with the next download.-Reduced CPU usage.-Added search box on downloads window. You can use it to search for files on Internet or to search in the downloads list.-Fixed capture clipboard when Firefox is closed.-Fixed: can not enter captchas on remote control.-Esc or Enter keys closes anotate password form.-Hosts on stats tree are sorted by name.-Edit/copy password for history items.-Show item tooltips on download list when the text (name, size, etc.) is not completely visible.-Fixed "File in use" problem with multisegment downloads.-It is possible now to add manually a referring web address for each detected link.-Updated mediafire.-Updated Japanese (Thanks to Tilt).

-Updated click'n load-Added Rapidpremium ( unrestrictor support.-Added unrestrictor support.-Added unrestrictor support.-Added premium support for premium support for error starting mipony.-Fixed error cancelling unrestrictors downloads.-Updated download support for Korean translation (thanks to lgjjp).-Updated Portuguese-Portugal translation (thanks to João).-Tradicional Chinese languguage update (thanks to kuei0116).-Updated Portuguese-Brazil translation (thanks to Yamash and Igor).

-Added support.-Updated links support.-Added premium support for download support for premium support for download support for download support for not remove files in the list that were not loaded correctly.-Fixed problem when adding links via web client or android client.-Updated bulgarian translation (Thanks to Ranko Rankov)-Updated spanish-mexico translation (thanks to Chris)-Updated Italian translation (Thanks to Christian)-Updated Serbian translation (Thanks to DJM)-Updated Japanese (Thanks to Tilt)-Traditional Chinese language updated (Thanks to kuei0116)


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