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Detroit Diesel Pro Driver System User Manual [BETTER]

An ELD automatically records the following data elements at certain intervals: date; time; location information; engine hours; vehicle miles; and identification information for the driver, authenticated user, vehicle, and motor carrier.

Detroit Diesel Pro Driver System User Manual


In the event that an ELD is removed from the registration list, FMCSA will make efforts to notify the public and affected users. Motor carriers and drivers are encouraged to sign up for ELD Updates to receive notifications when an ELD has been listed on the Revocation List.

Fleets choosing these systems say they like not having to make the extra investment in hardware. Cost of installation is another advantage cited. And some fleets want their drivers to be able to do other things with the device, such as using scanning, workflow, or proof of delivery apps.

A motor carrier must assign only one ELD driver account for each of its drivers required to use an ELD. The motor carrier is also responsible for establishing requirements for unique user identifications and passwords.

Only in the past few months have ELD providers had a test available to make sure their data files will be read properly, and it appears that the agency is cutting it close on getting the systems to the end users.

The DDEC system is easy to operate, and diagnostic functions are displayed to the driver. Typically, there are two indicator lights, one in yellow and one in red. The red indicator represents a significant-engine fault, and in most cases, the engine shuts down to protect the engine from damage. The yellow light represents a minor fault, and is a cautionary function to alert the operator to a fault that might not be dangerous, or represent immediate damage to the engine. The operator is able to gain basic diagnostic functions via these two lights. Accompanying the two lights there generally is a switch; when pressed in specific circumstances, the red and yellow lights will flash in a specific order and the operator is able to calculate a fault code, and know the specific problem with the engine.


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