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Alphacam Portable

ALPHACAM Portable: How to Create CNC Programs for Any Machine

ALPHACAM is a powerful and versatile CAD CAM software for woodworking, metal and stone cutting. It supports a wide range of machine types and applications, from 2-axis to 5-axis machining. But what if you need to create or edit CNC programs on a different computer than the one where ALPHACAM is installed? Or what if you want to take your ALPHACAM projects with you wherever you go?

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The solution is ALPHACAM portable, a special version of ALPHACAM that can run on any computer without installation or activation. It is a standalone application that can be stored on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. You can plug it into any computer and run it directly from the device.

Features and Benefits of ALPHACAM Portable

ALPHACAM portable has the same features and functionality as the regular version of ALPHACAM. You can use it to create, edit, and simulate CNC programs for any machine type and application. You can import and export various CAD file formats with ALPHACAM portable.

Some of the benefits of using ALPHACAM portable are:

  • You can work on your ALPHACAM projects anywhere, anytime, without being dependent on a specific computer or network.

  • You can easily share your ALPHACAM projects with other users or customers by giving them access to your portable device.

  • You can use ALPHACAM portable as a backup or emergency solution in case your main computer fails or gets damaged.

  • You can save disk space and avoid compatibility issues by not having to install ALPHACAM on multiple computers.

How to Get ALPHACAM Portable

To get ALPHACAM portable, you need to have a valid license for the regular version of ALPHACAM. You can then download the portable version from the [Hexagon website] or the [Academic Software Helpcenter], depending on your license type. You will also need a USB flash drive or an external hard drive with enough space to store the portable application and your project files.

Once you have downloaded the portable version, you need to unzip the file and copy the folder to your portable device. You can then run the file 'Install_ALPHACAM.hta' from the folder to launch ALPHACAM portable. You will be asked to enter your license details and select the modules you want to use. You can also create a desktop shortcut for ALPHACAM portable if you wish.

How to Use ALPHACAM Portable

To use ALPHACAM portable, you need to connect your portable device to a computer that meets the minimum system requirements for running ALPHACAM. You also need to be connected to the internet if you are using a network license. You can then run ALPHACAM portable from your device and start working on your projects as usual.

You can save your project files either on your portable device or on the computer's hard drive. However, it is recommended that you keep a backup copy of your files on another location in case your portable device gets lost or damaged. You can also sync your files with a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive for extra security.

Tips and Tricks for Using ALPHACAM Portable

Here are some tips and tricks for using ALPHACAM portable effectively:

  • Make sure your portable device is formatted with NTFS file system, as FAT32 has a file size limit of 4 GB.

  • Use a high-speed USB 3.0 flash drive or external hard drive for faster performance and data transfer.

  • Keep your portable device clean and protected from dust, moisture, heat, and physical damage.

  • Eject your portable device safely before unplugging it from the computer to avoid data corruption or loss.

  • Update your ALPHACAM portable regularly to get the latest features and bug fixes.


ALPHACAM portable is a convenient and flexible way to create CNC programs for any machine and application. It allows you to work on your ALPHACAM projects anywhere, anytime, without installing or activating the software on multiple computers. It also enables you to share your projects with other users or customers easily and securely. ALPHACAM portable is a valuable tool for any ALPHACAM user who wants to maximize their productivity and mobility.

If you want to learn more about ALPHACAM portable, you can visit the [Hexagon website] or the [Academic Software Helpcenter] for more information and support. You can also check out the [Plex Skin Group] for more tips and tricks on using ALPHACAM portable.


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