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Dark Souls Pc Controller Fix [PORTABLE]

Generally speaking, people may come across a multitude of problems while playing games on Steam. Nonetheless, once it comes to Dark Souls Steam controller not working, you should keep in mind the possibilities down below.

Dark Souls Pc Controller Fix

Since computers cannot interact with controllers directly in the course of operation, controller drivers have to step in as intermediaries. If the driver of your controller is in good condition, you should be able to play Steam games with it. On the other hand, if the controller driver is having issues (obsolescence, corruption, etc), you may have a hard time making use of your controller. As long as issues with the driver persist, there is no way for the controller to work as expected.

For your information, several versions of Dark Souls exist on Steam and their compatibility is not the same. As a result, even if your computer runs on the latest operating system, Dark Souls could still cause you trouble every time you play it on Steam. Unable to get Dark Souls to recognize your controller on Steam regardless of settings? Then you may want to take into account the compatibility of your Dark Souls version.

In spite of its simplicity, restart is capable of solving a multitude of problems that plague games and Steam Dark Souls is not an exception. Hence, if you have trouble getting your comptroller to work, close Dark Souls, exit Steam and restart your PC. For good measure, you should consider unplugging and replugging your controller as well. As soon as the screen comes back on, launch Dark Souls on Steam then see how things turn out.

Note: If you use a PS4 controller, tick PS4 Configuration Support. If you use a Xbox controller, tick Xbox Configuration Support. If your controller is neither PS4 nor Xbox, tick Generic Gamepad Configuration Support. Also, you should use the opportunity to map the buttons of your control to your liking.

One of such major issue is with the controller being used to play Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. If you are using a controller from playing Scholar of the First Sin on your PC, you are most prone to facing issues with mapping buttons or the buttons on your controller being totally dead.

Getting a Wired Xbox 360 controller is the easiest solution of the three, but if you don't own a wired controller you will probably be shelling out some more cash. After plugging the controller into your PC, the drivers will automatically install and the controller will work without much fuss.

Getting a PS3 controller or any other type of controller will need a bit more work (and money if you don't already own one) since it will not work automatically. You will need to download and install the Motion Joy drivers and then install Better DS3. After installing the drivers and the program you will need to connect your controller to the PC via cord.

What to do: The solution that worked for us was to delete Vjoy, the virtual joystick program, from our Windows apps. Vjoy being installed seems like the common culprit. You can also try these other Elden Ring controller fixes, including checking your Steam gamepad settings to enable \"Xbox Configuration Support\" or \"Generic Gamepad Configuration Support\".

What to do: The solution that worked for us was to delete Vjoy, the virtual joystick program, from our Windows apps. Vjoy being installed seems like the common culprit. You can also try these other Elden Ring controller fixes (opens in new tab), including checking your Steam gamepad settings to enable "Xbox Configuration Support" or "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support".

Dark Souls 3 was finally released, after a delay of a few weeks, yesterday on Steam for PC. The game is developed by FromSoftware, and it continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. The launch of the game is not as good as everyone expected. A lot of players complained about Dark Souls 3 errors and bugs. The most encountered errors in the game are Crashes, mainly at the first bonfire and random crashes, problems with the FPS like Low FPS and FPS Drops, technical issues about the controller support and other graphics related bugs.

2) Dark Souls 3 Controller Issue, a lot of players are complaining about the incompatibility of the game with PS4 DualShock 4 controller. To fix this issue follow the solution from Reddit below. If you want a definite fix for the controller issue check our patch at the end of the post.

plug the controller AFTER running darksouls and getting the menuso first open the DualShock4 windows (or on hide DS4 controller, then launch Dark souls 3 then plug the controller after getting the title menu

vJoy is a joystick application for PCs that many use for fighting games and racing sims. It seems to conflict with Elden Ring for some reason and deleting it will allow your controller to work when exploring the Lands Between.

2. Xbox 360 Controller Low FPS Fix - Using an Xbox 360 controller may be causing frame rate issues if you're using the latest drivers. Go to device manager, find your Xbox 360 controller (found in Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class) and then right click and click update your Xbox 360 controller drivers. Then "Browse My Computer For Driver Software". Next choose "Let me pick from a list..." and choose version from 8/13/2009, then hit next. If you get an error, check the next paragraph, otherwise restart your computer. Then check if game performance has improved.

Type in your user name again and click 'Check Names', then click OK. Find your name in the 'Permissions' window, under "Group or user names:" and click on it. In the "Permissions for (your username)" box, check the "Full Control" box and click OK, then click OK again. Now repeat this process for the 'DriverStore' folder. Once you're done, go back to your Device Manager and try downgrading your controller software again back to the 2009 update.

  • 5. Controller Not Working / IssuesThose with Dual Shock 4 controllers are having issues where the game doesn't recognize their controller. In order to fix this, go to the DS4 window settings and tick the first option "Hide DS4 Controller". Then launch the game and your controller should work.

  • Dual Shock 4 users should also uninstall VJOY if they are having issues playing the game.

  • Note that Dark Souls 3 uses 64-bit, so if you are using a 32-bit controller emulator, it will not work. You should download the 64-bit version of your controller emulation software.

  • For those who use DS4Windows, please note that this software is depreciated and you should instead try using Inputmapper. Inputmapper is an updated version of DS4Windows by the same developers

  • Another controller fix that has been discovered is to go into your device manager and under "human interface devices" disable everything with the name "HID compliant game controller".

For those trying to use a wired Xbox One controller in Windows 7, to get it working you must first install the Xbox One controller driver by going into Device Manger, finding your controller (should be under Microsoft Xbox One Controller), right clicking it and "Update Driver Software".Choose "Pick from a list of device drivers on my computer", and then choose Xbox One Controller. After this, you should be able to use the controller.

While the keybindings could easily be fixed in the in-game settings, the camera controls were basically broken. Another modder very early on came up with a solution that was the way to go when wanting to play the game with the mouse. What he did was [write] a controller emulator that feeds the mouse input to the game as movement of the right analog stick, thereby circumventing the original mouse input of the game altogether. This was a good enough solution and made the game finally playable for people who do not have a controller or someone like me who just prefers to use mouse and keyboard.

So for most people it is not about getting an advantage, but rather personal preference. I personally cannot stand using a controller for any game in which I have direct control over a 3D camera. Even though precise input is not necessary from a gameplay standpoint, I am just more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard. One of the beautiful aspects of PC gaming is that everyone can use the control scheme he or she prefers, even though it may deemed to be inferior by other people.

Although there already is a mouse fix for Dark Souls, which did a great job in helping many people (including me) to play the game with mouse and keyboard over the years, it is not an optimal solution. Because it emulates a controller, there are still some issues with sensitivity, apparent negative acceleration and overall sluggish movement. Using the cursor in the UI is also a hassle, because it has to be manually enabled and disabled via keybindings.

Instead of emulating a controller, this fix injects raw mouse input directly into the game's camera functions, thereby avoiding any additional transformations. It also provides an auto cursor feature which automatically manages the visibility and capture settings of the cursor depending on the current situation.

Having said that, Elden Ring players are now reporting (1,2,3,4) that the controller is not working on the PC version of the game. This is a really serious issue since many are unable to play the game.

Unfortunately, Elden Ring developers are yet to acknowledge the issue where controller is not working on the PC version of the game. However, we did come across a workaround that might help resolve the issue.

11:11 am (IST): Devs are working to resolve various ongoing issues with Elden Ring including performance, crashing issues, and many others. And we hope that the controller issue should also get fixed soon.

Dark Souls was designed to be played with a controller, and it's with a controller that you'll get the best experience with the game. The Steam store page states that a controller is strongly recommended", and this isn't an exaggeration. 350c69d7ab


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