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Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez

En Windows 7 Professional With Sp1 Vl Build X86 Dvd U 677896.iso

i am having problem with this install guide i just wanted to know when i should copy the dvd file to my c drive.i have a key of DVD and i am having problem to access that DVD. Is there any other one that i can use to access DVD or i can install windows 7 in my laptop.i am not having a dvd burner and i have problem to access to my DVD burner. i tried to use boot-repair by using but that is not working. i have tried everything to access that DVD What should i do to access that DVD. When i insert the DVD its showing that i have G: all my software in my c: and i want my software to be on c:. Is there any way to remove that G:. I have installed windows 7.What should i do to access that DVD.How should i change that content of C: from G:. Please help me out.Thank you in advance.arul I m have Win 7 x64. I m having computer G: and i m not able to use it. I want to use my computer C:. I m having laptop. Is there any way to change C: to G:. Please help me out. Thank you.analising and planning for the future Open the DVD and use the program DVD Shrink to delete unused data on the DVD. Once finished, write the modified.iso file to the USB drive.

en windows 7 professional with sp1 vl build x86 dvd u 677896.iso

My computer games en_computer_games_fall_2010_win_7_professional_with_sp1_vl_build_x86_dvd_622426.iso SHA1535C355215D1E96CCC71037847CA3FFF4E36A59 2.66GB 2010-12-09 ed2k:// file en_computer_games_fall_2010_win_7_professional_with_sp1_vl_build_x86_dvd_622426.iso 0560682626 F6390E8DAF3AC5D35F2A26E9CD0B85E07B8F1A89 I tried 3 different ways to install it, first time i selected ubuntu when loading from dvd in my bios, second time i selected windows 7 the same and third time i selected windows xp. I m getting error of unmountable windows xp and hardware error 2.0. I have windows 7 x64 by the way.


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