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Enter The Dragon Full Movie Download [BETTER]

As a child, one of my first and best friends was a strange boy who worshiped the ground Bruce Lee walked on - cutting his hair, taking Jiu Jitsu and Hapkido lessons, and often stalking around with that intense animal fury that only Lee could create all over his 7 year old face. My friend took a lot of abuse for this and other odd behaviors with dignity that his hero would have applauded. Unfortunately, Mr. Lee passed from this world very young, leaving a legend and a pair of shoes that have never really been filled. For most Americans, this is the only Hollywood film worthy of mention with his name in the cast. Don't get me wrong, I love Jackie Chan and Jet Li and even the few Chow Yun Fat roles involving martial arts, but each of these actors have their own, very big, personalities, and - at least in the case of Chan - have built their own unique legend. Unlike his successors, what Lee excelled at was the intense physicality and drama of his performance. He worked every muscle of his body in every beautifully choreographed fight scene of Enter The Dragon, and made art out of violence in ways that today's Hollywood gun violence schlock-directors can only dream of. And Enter the Dragon is one of his most stunning vehicles.The pseudo-Taoisms are kept to a minimum and concentrated near the beginning of this film. Lee enters a martial arts tournament to avenge the murder of his sister, and to defend the honor of the Shao Lin Temple, where he helps to train young martial artists. John Saxon, a down-on-his luck playboy and brigand is the closest thing to a co-star, and comes to the tournament hoping for a solution to his financial problems. The tournament is hosted by a mass-murdering heroin manufacturer who hides his production facilities, literally, beneath a martial arts school, using the instructors and students in the school as an army of body guards. Kien Shih is absolutely compelling as the evil Han, even if his fight scenes are, at times, a bit less convincing than the master Lee's. Lee and Shih are the performance highlights of the film. Though Saxon does a passable job, his performance is a bit fibrous at times.Worth seeing for the sets and settings alone, this film is driven well by its fast pace, simple but engaging story line, and the sheer talent of Bruce Lee. Of course, there are the usual problems of the martial arts genre - villains whose sense of honor for the most part only applies to life-threatening situations fighting would-be heroes, the lack of any weapons besides fists and unused knives, unnecessary nude scenes - it is very easy to overlook these problems and just enjoy the film.Highly recommended.

enter the dragon full movie download

I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs. Then again in the early 2k on a dvd which I own.Revisited it recently with my family.This time Lee plays a martial arts instructor who is approached by the British Intelligence and is persuaded to attend a martial arts tournament on a private island owned by Han, a crime lord.Lee's assignment is to gather evidence that will prove Han's involvement in drug trafficking and prostitution.The movie has amazing star cast, few top notch martial arts fight scenes n wonderful music score.This one is not as intense as Fist of Fury but very entertaining.The villain Han is not intimidating or a convincing fighter yet he is able to take down the character of Jim Kelly.We have Sammo Hung in an uncredited role in the opening fight scene against Lee at the start of the film.Enter the Dragon along with Game of Death were the foundation for fighting games. Both these movies inspired various martial arts n action movies.We also have Bolo Yeung before he became the usual villain in JCVD's movies.In Fist of Fury, Lee's character bites the leg of a Russian fighter during a duel.In this movie John Saxon's character bites the leg of Bolo Yeung during a duel.

Lee (Bruce Lee) is a Hong Kong Shaolin martial artist. His master tells him about a former student Mr. Han who has turned into a crime lord on his own private island. British agent Braithwaite sends Lee to a tournament run by Han. O'Hara is Han's menacing henchman who pushed Lee's sister to her death. Mei Ling is an agent on the island but the agency has lost contact with her. Roper (John Saxon) owes money to gangsters and his 'nam buddy Williams (Jim Kelly) is on the run from racist cops. Both end up entering the tournament.Bruce Lee continues as a charismatic star with superior action skills. The fights are fun. John Saxon proves to have some good fighting skills while Jim Kelly has a big enough personality to be a compelling actor. It has some slower aspects and the story is pretty simple. Overall, it is a well made action thriller with some great fights especially considering the era. It is a standout among Kung Fu B-movies with many imitators to follow.

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