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The Ultimate Guide to Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.6: Features, Requirements, and Download Links

Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard": The boxed retail Snow Leopard ships on a dual-layer DVD like Leopard did, and it too is chokka-block. You'd think going Intel-only would free up a lot of space on the disc, but no, they've filled the once-free-space with even more extras, including the PowerPC emulator, Rosetta - including the hidden Boot Camp partition, it all adds up to a very full 7.82 GB. There are two releases, 10.6.0 and 10.6.3 (in fact, Apple still sell the 10.6.3 DVD through the Store) with the latter release squeezing in even tighter, but if I cherry-pick the installer packages for a default OS install, it comes to 2.31 GB.

free mac os x tiger 10.4.6 full retail dvd bootable iso

Download File:

For installing the operating system on an old Macbook, these Mac OS X Tiger Powerpc ISO files can be used to create a bootable DVD or USB Flash drive. so In this article, we are sharing the mac os x tiger 10.4 ISO download link and mac os x tiger 10.4 retail DVD dmg file download link in a single post.

I created the .dmg from a the retail 10.4.6 disk and continue to burn bootable DVDs from it with no problems. Just right click on the dmg (in OSX of course) and select burn to disk. It is important to note that most older Macs cannot read DVD+R discs. If installing on an older G4 you need to either use an external drive, find some DVD-R discs or use the four CD set.

I have removed the 10.4.6 dmg file, and replaced it with an original ISO extraction from a retail DVD. ISO files are the preferred file format of OS install media, as .dmg files require a Mac to use, and cannot be burned to a DVD and booted from easily, or all the time, reliably.


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