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Summary pages have spoilers through the end of the book they summarize. However, they also have links to the rest of the Coppermind, which has full spoilers. To safely browse non-summary pages, consider using the Time Machine.

Steelheart-Steelheart Full Album Zip

David rolls to the side and through a ripple of reality. He finds himself on a rooftop with Firefight. He demands to know what happened with Tavi and requests that they bring her back into their world, where she is needed. A flash from Sharp Tower alerts them to Obliteration. Firefight tells Tia (presumably through electronic communication) that he wants to engage. They see people jumping out of the building and falling to their death to avoid the heat from Obliteration's blasts. Firefight tries to go rescue them, but he's too late. It doesn't matter because an Epic that is unmistakably Steelheart flies over and rescues them. Firefight tells David that he must talk to him because he killed him in this world. David asks where Calamity is, and Firefight calls him "Invocation" and says that he left years ago. David is pulled back. Guards have now joined the fight threatening to overwhelm Tavi. Megan looks imperious and angry as she fully exercises her powers.

David has been healed, mostly, and so has Megan, but she remains asleep, worrying David. He checks his mobile and finds dozens of messages from a bored Knighthawk. He offers a refreshed scan of Ildithia taken by his drone for their imager. David downloads it and loses himself for a while, flying around the city. Cody joins him, and he talks about his time as a cop. He regrets that so many people were hurt in the operation and suggests they fight Prof outside the city at a place they pick. Using his powers will definitely draw him to them. David examines the faces of the dead around Sharp Tower more carefully, and he realizes that Stormwind, the source of food for Ildithia and elsewhere, is among them. David proposes an operation to harvest her cells, but the probability of success is very low and the risk is enormous. Cody convinces him to drop the idea. Mizzy reports that Megan is awake. David immediately goes to her.

Cody activates the tensors and blasts a 10-foot deep hole in the ground. It's not enough to reach the tunnels, so David encourages him to try again with the soul of a warrior. He blasts a much deeper hole, revealing the caverns. Knighthawk says Prof is coming fast. As they start rappelling down, David invites Larcener to join them and help change the world. He acts disdainful, as usual. David stations Cody down a corridor to remain hidden for now. Then he finds a nook to hide in to run ops. He tells Megan to be careful with her powers, but she is confident that she can stay in control. He activates a special headset from Knighthawk with multiple views from the tiny walking camera drones that Mizzy has set up. Prof arrives and destroys the entire roof of the caverns, floating on a force field disc. David puts the plan into action that will hopefully save his friend.

David stumbles about trying to find Cody. Prof and Megan engage in an epic battle, using their powers to fullest. Firefight and the Loophole from his dimension do battle and Prof is teleporting about. David finds Mizzy tending to Cody. They hook up the harmsway, and he starts healing, but he is unconscious. Obliteration suddenly shows up and decides that David has lost. He starts to kill David, and he desperately tells him that he plans to kill Calamity. Obliteration is impressed and gives him one more chance. David tells Mizzy to get out and take Abraham, who has lost an entire arm. David dons the vest and gloves, heals himself with the harmsway, and prepares to battle Prof.


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