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I found something similar to this a long time ago which I think went out of development.That too used the winapp2.ini file and having just downloaded Enhancer and updated it, it simply overwrote the existing file.I have been waiting for some time for someone to pick this idea up again, thank you, great job.

download namoroka x64


I just got it. I ran CCleaner before downloading it then I ran it after and was blown away by all the shit it found on my PC. All the new stuff it added has *asterisks* next to it. It added a VLC player option to my CCleaner and it had tons of stuff. I feel pretty good about my computer being cleaner and running faster thanks to this must have addon for all CCleaner users.

[*Firefox Extra]LangSecRef=3004Detect=HKLMSoftwareMozillaMozilla FirefoxDefault=TrueFileKey1=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilescompatibility.iniFileKey2=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilescontent-prefs.sqliteFileKey3=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilescookies.sqliteFileKey4=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilescookies.sqlite-journalFileKey5=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesdownloads.sqliteFileKey6=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesextensions.cacheFileKey7=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesextensions.iniFileKey8=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesextensions.rdfFileKey9=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesformhistory.sqliteFileKey10=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesformhistory.sqlite-journalFileKey11=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesformhistory.sqlite.corruptFileKey12=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesformhistory.datFileKey13=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesglobl-message-db.sqliteFileKey14=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profileslocalstore.rdfFileKey15=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesmimeTypes.rdfFileKey16=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesparent.lockFileKey17=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilespermissions.sqliteFileKey18=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesplaces.sqlite-journalFileKey19=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilessearch.sqliteFileKey20=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilessecmod.dbFileKey21=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilessignons.sqliteFileKey22=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilestwitterfox_*.*.sqliteFileKey23=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesurlclassifier2.sqliteFileKey24=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profilesurlclassifier3.sqliteFileKey25=%appdata%MozillaFirefox*.profileswebappsstore.sqliteFileKey26=%appdata%MozillaFireFoxCrash Reportspending*.*FileKey27=%appdata%MozillaFireFoxCrash Reportssubmitted*.*

Just wondering: is there a command-line control method for this CCEnhancer? Because I find this program to be indispensable, and I run it almost every time I use my PC, but I would like to be able to make a custom shortcut so it can download the latest rules automatically upon startup, say NO to running CCleaner after running the program (I already have CCleaner run in startup), and either run minimized or close itself after downloading. That would automatically add functionality to CCleaner without necessarily enabling it, but would not require human intervention every single time an update is requested (which, in my opinion, should be every time a PC starts, so as to be current). Thank you in advance for your help on this.

Webbie MHS-CM1 SPUDownloadManagerInst.2009/05/15 and Picture Motion Browser Update version 4.2.10 SPU_Upgrade0902a 2009/04/17 supposedly work for Windows 7. (there is a 4.3.00 2009/09/03 version listed in PMB support site (Japan), but not the updater to download.

supposed to be compatible even the software (Dashboard 1.6.1 2009.11.02, Pro Firmware 1.1.3. 2009.09.14. At least you can download them now, used to be have to do it through update. need to recheck currently 1.6.4/1.1.4) and spec. do not listed it currently.

Looks like only the new ones like MyPassport with WD SmartWare got updates - WD SmartWare (2009.11.16), Virtual CD Manager (w/ the unfortunate acroynm VCD, same as VideoCD) and Firmware 1.032 (2009.11.16). The older ones don't have new versions - WD Sync 7.0.328 (2008.01), Mionet, even 64-bit Vista still in beta, only AnyWhere backup (Elite only) has a new v4.50.6354 R2 (2009.11) but requires registration to download (Seagate is worse, see above.)


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