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Mahmood Pakhomov
Mahmood Pakhomov

Lotto Black Book Pdf Free 45

I just rcvd a mail from superlotto first national lottery and step by step i played and fortunately i won 11,735 us dollar but they are ask8ng to pay 19.9 dollar for process. Its a free ticket lottery, please suggest me what to do.

lotto black book pdf free 45

i need your help, i have recieved a free ticket lottery super lotto 6/45 and submited, i [was told i won money and was requested to pay certain amounts for certain fees, i did so and i was told the money will be deposited in three days, i was inquiring if all that was fraud, have i lost my money?

I have received message that leads me to play a superlotto..then I palyed it with a free ticket then I won..they ask my account and a fee for a money transfer transaction..should I trust them??though I played it with a free ticket..need an answer plss.. thank you 350c69d7ab


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