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Jacob Merkushev
Jacob Merkushev

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I have Osteoarthritis of both knees. I had surgery on both knees at the same time about 6 months ago. The surgery went well but it has taken me a long time to recover. I have only had two days off work in the past 6 months. I am working two jobs to help pay the bills while I recover. About 2 weeks ago I started feeling weak in my right leg and the pain was in my left leg as well. I tried going to the doctor to get something and they sent me to a physiatrist and he was able to give me a shot that numbsed the leg. I had to go to the ER then to see him again because the pain was so bad. He gave me a shot that moved the pain to both legs and also gave me some medicine for the pain. The next day the pain was still there and I called the doctor. He told me that my insurance had not paid for the doctor and that there was nothing he could do. I hung up and started feeling awful. I called back and was told that I could come back to the office if I wanted to pay. I went to the office the next day and they put me on a shot that I have to take every two weeks. Then I had to get an MRI which I refused. I was given the option to have the nurse give the shot and go the office. I let them do it, thankfully it did work. I have made sure not to over do it because I have a job to get back to and I can't afford to lose the job. After the MRI the doctors and nurses did not call me with the results. I called them and they said they would send them to me the next day. They never did. I called over a week after the MRI and they told me it was nothing that could be treated and I should move on with my life. I do not remember getting a call from the doctor's office with the results. They said I would get a call from the doctor, but I never did. They also told me there was nothing wrong with the knee. I have a right knee that is slightly arthritic and a left that is completely arthritic, I am on a cane and it is causing a lot of issues because of my job. I am constantly looking at my legs to make sure the swelling doesn't go up. But the doctors seem uninterested in finding out what is wrong. I do remember that the nurse that gave me the shot mentioned something about radiation. I was hearing a lot of horror stories about that in my house. I have read about it on the internet and they make me so scared. I just hope that I can keep working.

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