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Watch Blue Umbrella Online for Free - The Best Hindi Movie of 2005

Binya, the main character, wakes up one morning and finds her blue umbrella is missing. She then describes its color and size, and everyone believes her story, but Rams realises it was actually a mistake. He tries to make up for it and gives Binya a beautiful flower. As time passes, Rams obsession with the umbrella changes into a loving relationship with it.

Blue Umbrella full movie free download in hindi

The blue umbrella PDF is a novel in the childrens genre. It is about a young girl, Binya, and her family. Binya lives with her family in a small village. She is a simple girl with realistic dreams. The story has multiple emotions including materialistic love, jealousy, and kindness.

After 10 years of publishing, the Blue Umbrella published in Kala Pani Kala Bati (the blue earth, the blue sky) in 1995 and picturized the same characters. The film was considered a box-office success and was among the top grossing Indian films of the year. This edition has a slightly different story line.

As a child, the protagonist, Binya, is a lonely and unhappy girl from a poor village. Her dad was a farmer and her mom was a house wife. Binya dreamed of marrying a tall handsome man someday. One day, Binya finds an umbrella at her house which she immediately falls in love with it. She thinks it would be a great present for her mother-in-law who is getting old and does not like going out. Binya is shocked when her mom tells her that the owner of the blue umbrella is from the village where Binya lives. To her surprise, the umbrella has a name which belongs to the boy named Ram, from her village. Ram was a playboy and a braggart who rode a horse, smoked a cigar and had many girlfriends. Binya grew up listening to the stories of Ram and his friends, fascinated by his adventures. Every night, she would ask her mother to tell her more about Ram. Binya is shocked to learn that Ram wants to marry her which makes her mother angry. As the story progresses, Binya realizes that Ram is crazy about her umbrella which is actually more useful than her with her insipid umbrella made of jute. Although, he has an ambition to own the umbrella.


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