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Spcs Administration 200 Ver 4.1 (svensk) Download Pc

Introduction A good medication error reporting and prevention programme with rigorous inclusion and exclusion criteria is an important component of continuous quality improvement in healthcare and essential for ensuring that errors are discovered and that patient safety is maximised. Methods We set out to describe the type and frequency of medication errors detected by a pilot procedure error reporting system (PERS) in prescribing and dispensing, and to analyse the ways in which such errors can be prevented.Results Of the 2,083 procedures performed using the system, we identified 132 errors of prescribing and dispensing. The four main categories of errors were: minor dispensing errors; use of the wrong equipment (eg, incorrect dose syringe); use of the wrong dose strength, formulation, pack size or route of administration; and use of the wrong formulation, such as transcribing a dose other than the one prescribed or where no dose had been prescribed. Overall error frequency was lower in prescribing than in dispensing (3.5% versus 10.9%) because many errors in prescribing are detected retrospectively.Conclusions Errors of prescribing and dispensing are common in our study, and can frequently be prevented.

spcs administration 200 ver 4.1 (svensk) download pc

The aim of this study was to determine the chronopharmacological effects of olive oil administration on lysine acetylation in mouse gastric gland and liver. We found an increase of 16% of lysine acetylation in liver, while there was no changes in gastric glands. Moreover, the increased levels in acetylation in liver were accompanied by an increase of L-arachidonic acid decarboxylase, cyclooxygenase-2, and phospholipase A2 gene expression. In summary, we conclude that, olive oil, exerts an effect on liver acetylation. The lysine acetylation process may be a new mechanism involved in fatty acids metabolism. Further studies are needed for a better understanding of the role of acetylation in energy metabolism.


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