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The performance of an automatic target recognition (ATR) system with full- and reduced-resolution correlators was compared. In addition, the ATR system performance with reduced-resolution filter sets designed by use of multiresolution analyasis (MA) and downsampling (DS) techniques was also compared. It was discovered that results obtained at the optical correlator subsystem level, pertaining to the relative merits of the MA and the DS techniques, could not be extrapolated to the system level. This was because target signature differences between the test and the training imagery were discovered to have a greater influence on system performance than the choice of filter design technique. In addition, it was found that, for the case in which the target signature and the reduced-resolution filter were of the same size, there was some degradation in the receiver-operating-characteristic curve for reduced resolution compared with full. Nevertheless, this was deemed to have no practical significance, and thus the use of reduced-resolution optical correlators for ATR merits serious consideration.

pc miler full version

Houston, TX /PRNewswire/ - Trimble (NASDAQ : TRMB ) announced enhancements to its Risk Management, Extended Pay and RouteSync modules that operate within the Innovative IES Transportation Management System (TMS) solution. Trimble's Innovative IES is designed to operate on an IBM i system as a full accounting and dispatching solution for trucking companies. The announcement was made at Trimble's third annual in.sight user conference + expo.

Clear and concise mapping options. Numerous add-on to fullfil your routing needs such as Haz-mat, Streets, Zip Codes both US and Canada. Very reliable APIs for integration into home grown software and 3rd applications. Updated regularly to stay current with updated roadways and potential pitfalls. 350c69d7ab


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