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Promise Rings For Couples ARE EVIL CURSE.

Technically speaking is it a curse imposed by whom? A curse on you? A person who wants to get married and gives you the wedding ring? Your ex? Their parents? Elves? A neighbor who is a witch (or at least that's what people claim)? Do you really intend to harm someone by presenting a promise ring? It's not sensible from any point of view. A promise ring signifies the marriage vow. There are no hidden meanings, or evil spells (but it is still important to be courteous to the neighbor).

PROMISE Rings Is A Joke

If the person behind a joke is dishonest, or, to put it simply not very smart it could be an act of prank. We believe that your loved one is not like that and everything they do or say is genuine. A promise ring is completely serious in the sense that it is a proof of the words said. So, you don't have to think about whether you've dreamed the promise. Check your hand and realize it was an actual fact. This is an engagement ring.


Well, no. In fact they are resurfacing into fashion and are becoming more and more popular. You can pick from a wide range of designs that are suitable for everyday wear. The greatest thing about purchasing rings for promises is that you can pick the design you want.


They're not. These rings are not linked to any particular Christian denomination, world religion, or spiritual practice. They are a non-religious concept, so do not imply any religious significance when you present or receive them. The only rule is to be faithful to your promise and the one that you love.

A PROMISE RING IS A OTHER NAME for a ring with a high-quality.

No, that is not true. These two tokens have different functions. A purity ring is a promise of abstinence until marriage, the same way a person pledges God or themselves that they will not have sexual relations until marriage due to moral or religious reasons. The person doesn't have to be in love or with a partner to swear by the promise and wear an oath of purity. A promise ring symbolizes the marriage vows between two lovers. You can have sex occasionally and plan a future wedding. So the intention and results are totally different for the two pieces of jewelry.


Not necessarily. If you're trying to determine the age of a teen to exchange rings for a promise you can wait until they are legally mature enough to get married (if they'd like to).

ENGAGEMENT Rings can't be cheap or small, they have to BE EXPENSIVE.

Not at all. These rings are available in all price ranges. It is possible to want extra cash, but it's better to save up some money to buy an engagement ring. It must be a stunning piece of jewelry. An engagement ring does not need to be costly particularly when you consider it will be stacked up with the wedding band, engagement ring, or other rings.

PROMISE RINGS are merely a celebrity-created HYPE AND will fade quickly.

Celebrities are usually the ones to take on trends and make them popular but they didn't always start out that way. Promise rings have existed for years, more or less visible to the world at large but now they are seeing a revival. Celebrities are simply riding the wave of interest, but that wave will last long after the gossip about a pop star's latest rings has faded.


The presentation of the engagement ring demands some effort, but is far from the complications of staging the engagement ring presentation according to the current Instagram fashion.

How to properly give a PROMISE RING

The promise ring must be presented after careful consideration and understanding of the decision taken. As I mentioned, it's not a joke, it's a commitment. So, ensure that your plans are in line and you're willing to be patient (or willing to get married). After this initial conversation and discussion you'll be able to choose the rings and then officially exchange them between you.


Let's walk through the phases of the promise rings. the results to determine the sequence of steps to be followed.


Before you make the promise, you should have this important conversation with your partner. Your partner and you must decide if you would like to marry. You should also agree on the date, approximate timeframe and the amount of time during which the marriage is likely to be delayed. It is only then that it is appropriate to make promises in order to secure your marriage. Once you've had this conversation and everything is organized both of you can begin looking for the perfect ring.

How do you pick a engagement ring?

Deciding on a ring is an obstacle when you consider the variety of styles and custom-made pieces. Find a ring with a friend or ask for style preferences prior to shopping. You can ask about the birthstone, the gemstones that your love interest is drawn to or, best of all, a popular style and hope for the better. If you buy from a reputable business every ring will be perfect. The person who receives it will not be disappointed. Also, a promise ring usually is stacked with a variety of other rings, so it can be enhanced by their designs and looks different each time the design of the stacking rings is changed.


The presentation is informal. It doesn't look like a formal ceremony. You can make it in a cafe, during dinner or any other place you are at ease. It is best if you and your partner are both on your own. This means that you won't get distracted by a crowd of cheering people or the critical gaze from your future inlaws.

Do not kneel prior to present the ring. This is not an engagement, and it's not the end of the proposition. Don't confuse the two and be sure not to let your loved ones believe that it is an offer. It's not. (This is just a reminder of what a promise-ring actually means in case you don't remember). It should be simple, informal and clearly distinct from your engagement.

Wearing a Promise Ring: ARE THERE STRICT RULES?

The ring can be worn by itself or paired with another ring that is worn on the finger you pick. It is the easiest answer to the question of what the hand a promise rings goes on or where it goes. It isn't necessary to inform everyone about the significance of the ring. It is possible to keep it as a secret. Your friends and family will eventually learn about your engagement and subsequent wedding.

The Key Stage: Fulfillment of the Promise

The most important function is to keep the promise. Once you've given the ring away, you must propose with the person you want to marry and marry them according to the schedule you've set in your wedding goals. You won't be dragged to court, but what is the point of a promise ring? Consider it an appropriate and serious move and you'll be blessed with a blissful and happy marriage.

After you've got married your engagement rings are an item that you can keep and be worn as a piece of jewelry.


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