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Ernest Alexandrov
Ernest Alexandrov

Download and Install ArcSoft PhotoStudio Multilanguage.rar 1l for Free

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ArcSoft PhotoStudio Multilanguage.rar 1l

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  • The following actions will open the right application to perform the action: Double Click - opens the image with Image viewer.

  • Context Menu - opens the 'Select All' dialog.

  • Images options - opens the 'Select All' dialog.

  • Shift+Double Click - opens the data file with ArcSoft PhotoStudio.

  • Shift+Drag - copies the image to the clipboard.

  • Shift+Drag - pastes the image into a new document.

  • Context Menu - opens the 'Delete All' dialog.

  • Image - opens the image in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Shift+Right Click - opens the 'Delete All' dialog.


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