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Infinitely Polar Bear Subtitles English

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. . . of whether bipolar manic\depressives should have access to firearms. Cam, the title character of INFINITELY POLAR BEAR, takes his prescribed lithium only occasionally. Otherwise, he's exposing his loved ones to a couple packs-a-day worth of second-hand tobacco smoke, though half the time that he's driving he seems to switch over to a joint. It's not made clear in the movie whether his most recent psychiatric commitment is voluntary, or has been ordered by the state. Though he's shown wielding a machete around his apartment, Cam's most violent outbursts are with his fists. He speaks of having beaten up a pan-handler (destroying the gent's means of support, a bagpipe), and he's pictured trashing a business office while punching a family member in the face. He's constantly shouting at his wife, his young daughters, and random strangers. Cam also is in the habit of kicking in doors and throwing dinner bowls against walls, and thinks it's a great idea to replace his lithium with "sips of beer." Would YOU be comfortable knowing that this guy or someone just like him was sitting next to you in a dark movie theater, bearing a lethal weapon?

This indie Japanese film with English subtitles follows a former financial analyst who lives with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder with psychosis. Mad World is recognized for its nuanced, but not necessarily uplifting, approach to the challenges of navigating mental health conditions within conservative communities while reestablishing connections within complicated family dynamics.

While it might seem childish, the show is actually a goldmine for casual language and conversation among friends, everyday topics (with bonus life advice!), animal terms, and even wordplay. The polar bear loves simple puns and pranking his customers. 781b155fdc


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