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Cisco Anyconnect 2.5 Client Mac Download [UPD]

Download ===

New versions of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Mac, Windows and Linux (64-bit) software will now be available directly from the VPN system, without having to go to WebStore to download the new version.When a customer connects to the VPN, the version of their client software (Mac, Windows, or Linux) will automatically be checked. Based upon how old the software is, one of the following actions will occur. Older than Technology Services' minimum supported version (4.2.0515): Software will automatically be updated.Newer than Technology Services' minimum supported version:A dialog box will appear, asking if the customer wants to update or defer. Customers have 2.5 minutes to select something. After the time is up, the software will automatically choose to defer updating, and go on and connect. Dialogue box on Windows:Dialogue box on Mac:When the client is updated, the VPN will download and update the application, re-launch, and finish connecting using the new software. Note that newer versions of Mac OS may need you to authorize the kernel extension as part of the update. If that happens, please follow the instructions on the screen, and then wait for it to finish installing. This could be three to five minutes in the worst case. Installing on Windows:Installing on Mac:Note: Updating will not change configuration or other saved settings.For questions or problems, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk.

The first step is to obtain the AnyConnect client software from the Cisco Software Download Website. You will need to download the appropriate software version according to the Operating System that your users have on their computers.

ssh timeout 5console timeout 0vpn-sessiondb max-other-vpn-limit 10000vpn-sessiondb max-anyconnect-premium-or-essentials-limit 4!tls-proxy maximum-session 1000!threat-detection basic-threatthreat-detection statistics access-listno threat-detection statistics tcp-interceptwebvpnenable outsideanyconnect image disk0:/anyconnect-win-2.5.3055-k9.pkg 1anyconnect enabletunnel-group-list enablegroup-policy SSLClientPolicy internalgroup-policy SSLClientPolicy attributesdns-server value value Access_custaddress-pools value cust_address_poolgroup-policy DfltGrpPolicy attributesdns-server value ikev1 l2tp-ipsec ssl-client ssl-clientlessdefault-domain value

dhcpd auto_config outside!dhcpd address insidedhcpd dns interface insidedhcpd enable inside!threat-detection basic-threatthreat-detection statistics portthreat-detection statistics protocolthreat-detection statistics access-listno threat-detection statistics tcp-interceptntp server source outside preferntp server source outsidentp server source outsidessl trust-point TrustPoint_Wiebke outsidewebvpn port 444 enable outside dtls port 444 anyconnect image disk0:/anyconnect-win-3.0.5080-k9.pkg 1 anyconnect image disk0:/anyconnect-macosx-i386-3.0.5080-k9.pkg 2 anyconnect profiles AnyConnect_client_profile disk0:/AnyConnect_client_profile.xml anyconnect enable tunnel-group-list enablegroup-policy SSLClientPolicy internalgroup-policy SSLClientPolicy attributes dns-server value vpn-tunnel-protocol ssl-client address-pools value AnyConnectusername admin password b0I/H6VfrSJoXgoT encrypted privilege 15username biologie password iNdrrTrxzVRoPe5k encryptedusername biologie attributes service-type remote-accessusername mathe password UDXY0B8YZDbHJ7a5 encryptedusername mathe attributes service-type remote-accessusername mathematik password UDXY0B8YZDbHJ7a5 encryptedusername mathematik attributes service-type remote-accesstunnel-group SSLClientProfile type remote-accesstunnel-group SSLClientProfile general-attributes default-group-policy SSLClientPolicytunnel-group SSLClientProfile webvpn-attributes group-alias AnyConnect enable!class-map inspection_default match default-inspection-traff


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