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Akbar Shashkov
Akbar Shashkov

Once Upon A Time S01e21 720p 13

I am not sure whether I did something wrong when I first started (see note above), or whether I needed to deactivate my Windows Defender for everything (??) but Malwarebytes is still being forced to block websites that automatically want to open in Chrome. Incidentally, I do have a second computer networked to this one (my junker computer that I experiment on). I have not transferred any files between the two computers but thought I would mention it in case it is relevant. (I will be installing Malwarbytes 3 on that computer once I get this system fixed -- I bought a 3-computer license). Last but not least, can you tell me how I should configure Windows Defender (or should I even use it?) with Malwarbytes? It has opened several times to warn me that it is only doing periodic scans and I want to make sure I am doing things correctly. Thanks so much. Linda

once upon a time s01e21 720p 13




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