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On 9 September 2014, U2 appeared at an Apple product launch event to make a surprise announcement of their thirteenth studio album, Songs of Innocence. They released it digitally the same day to all iTunes Store customers at no cost,[286] making it available to over 500 million people in what Apple CEO Tim Cook called "the largest album release of all time".[287] Apple reportedly paid Universal Music Group and U2 a lump sum for a five-week exclusivity period in which to distribute the album[288] and spent US$100 million on a promotional campaign.[287] Songs of Innocence recalls the group members' youth in Ireland, touching on childhood experiences, loves and losses, while paying tribute to their musical inspirations.[289] Bono described it as "the most personal album we've written".[290] The record received mixed reviews and drew criticism for its digital release strategy; it was automatically added to users' iTunes accounts, which for many, triggered an unprompted download to their electronic devices.[291][292][293] Chris Richards of The Washington Post called the release "rock-and-roll as dystopian junk mail".[294] The group's press tour for the album was interrupted after Bono was seriously injured in a bicycle accident in Central Park on 16 November 2014. He suffered fractures of his shoulder blade, humerus, orbit, and pinky finger,[295] leading to uncertainty that he would ever be able to play guitar again.[296]

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Mullen's drumming style is influenced by his experience in marching bands during his adolescence,[399][400] which helped contribute to the militaristic beats of songs such as "Sunday Bloody Sunday".[55] Flanagan said that he plays "with a martial rigidity but uses his kit in a way a properly trained drummer would not"; he tends to transition from the snare drum onto tom-toms positioned on either side of him, contrasting with how they are traditionally used.[398] Mullen occasionally rides a tom-tom the way other drummers would play a cymbal, or rides the hi-hat how others would play a snare.[400] He admitted his bass drum technique is not a strength, as he mostly played the snare in marching bands and did not learn to properly combine the separate drumming elements together on a full kit. As a result, he uses a floor tom to his left to create the effect of a bass drum. He said, "I couldn't do what most people would consider a normal beat for the song, so I chose alternatives." He was heavily influenced by glam rock acts of the 1970s when first learning to play drums.[399] In the early days of U2, Mullen had what Bono called a "florid" drumming style, before he eventually adopted a philosophy of simplicity and pared down his rhythms.[400][401] His drumming leaves open space, owing to what Modern Drummer described as his understanding of "when to hit and when not to hit".[400] As he matured as a timekeeper, he developed a preternatural sense of rhythm; Eno recounted one occasion when Mullen noticed that his click track had been set incorrectly by just six milliseconds.[402] Under the tutelage of Lanois, Mullen learned more about his musical role as the drummer in filling out the band's sound, while Flood helped Mullen learn to play along with electronic elements such as drum machines and samples.[399] His kit has a tambourine mounted on a cymbal stand,[403] which he uses as an accent on certain beats for songs such as "With or Without You".[400][404]


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