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Girls On Top Sex Positions

A leading scientist in this area, Doctor Shettles, believed that certain sexual positions gave the advantage to the sperm carrying the chromosome of a particular gender. Doctor Shettles found that boy sperm were weaker but faster than their female counterparts. He believed boy sperm could swim very fast but survived for shorter periods, because of this he felt that sexual positions that allowed for deep penetration gave the upper hand to boy sperm who could swim quickly towards the egg.

girls on top sex positions

Amongst all the sex positions to reduce the risk of UTI, the girl on top shines on the list, as this does not put much pressure on the urethra. This position lets you rule your world the way you want in bed. Also, it keeps a check on the amount of penetration your vagina can handle during a UTI since a lot of pressure may lead to more irritation and inflammation of the bladder.

UTI and sex are often co-related. However, certain precautions and sex positions can prevent it from spreading. Sex during UTI is a common question women across the globe have. So, let us unfold the solutions that women share behind closed doors. Also it is imperative that you know when to consult a sexologist or gynecologist, if needed, to avoid any complications.

Yes, you can. But it will be quite painful if you do not know what positions you should use for sex. UTI usually causes a burning sensation and swelling of the vagina. Hence, you can have sex, but it is better to be prepared and take the necessary precautions.

This position gives him a great view of your bum and allows his hands all the freedom to wander to your breasts, hair, and legs. The position also spices up the angle at which his penis is going to enter you. [Read: Sex positions men love: How to make a steamy night for your man]

Like we said above, women on top sex positions are plentiful, which is why you should be taking advantage and mixing them up. Sure, he may find cowgirl to be a huge turn-on, but why not suddenly go into a squatting position or do reverse cowgirl to give him a different view?

This is basically the same as the Cowgirl, except your lady is facing the opposite direction. A less intimate, but more interesting position, the Reverse Cowgirl is one of those sex positions that is either a complete hit or miss. Rarely a middle ground here. You get an amazing, full view of her backside and with your hands on her hips, you can control the penetration. She can easily reach down and stimulate herself while you work the rest.

A while back, a trend was circling on the app, where guys and girls shared secrets regarding sex, intimacy, and other things. One video revealed that guys could feel the throbbing of the clit when a girl sat on their lap, which caused many discussions about whether it was true or not.

So, Cowgirl, just like all the other positions, can feel great for both parties involved. And just like with everything in sex, enjoying different positions, kinks, fetishes, and toys is very personal. But if you like Cowgirl and want to make sure that you and your partner are getting the most out of this sex position, then there are small things you can do to blow his and your mind away.

Why you should do it: While missionary is a classic sex position, woman-on-top sex lets her take control of the speed and depth of penetration, making it easier for her to achieve orgasm. Research published in the journal Sexologies suggests that dominant positions like Cowgirl are among the most conducive to female orgasm.

Why you should do it: Not only is this a nice twist on a traditional doggy style or spooning sex positions, offering the same depth of penetration, this position makes it easy for him to stimulate her clitoris with his hands. Even better, when she rocks back and forth, she can position him to hit her G-spot.

Why you should do it: Spooning sex combines all the G-spot benefits of hitting it from the back, but with all the intimacy of face-to-face sex. This is also one of the great sex positions for partners who are pregnant or injured.

Why you should do it: In many pseudo-doggy-style positions, the clitoris is difficult to access, making it harder for the receiving partner to reach orgasm. Fortunately, during the Side Splitter, he can easily reach her clitoris and breasts for extra stimulation.

How to do it: The Coital Alignment Technique, or CAT, is a sexy twist on missionary sex positions, allowing you to work those angles and give her the maximum clitoral stimulation. Instead of moving in and out between her legs, he thrusts deeper so that her head is by his chest, allowing her clitoris to get maximum attention.

Why you should do it: In this, one of the all-time classic sex positions, the Full Frontal allows for all the hot face-to-face intimacy of missionary, but allows for deeper penetration and lots of kissing.

Why you should do it: This is one of the best sex positions for anyone eager to show off well-earned yoga moves, engaging the legs, arms, and core of both parties, while allowing for plenty of power in his upward thrust.

Why you should do it: This is one of the sex positions that makes it easy for him to pull her super close and then ease out, prolonging the experience for both by using a pseudo-edging technique.

I'm here to tell you that your height and your weight should have no bearing on your ability to have the best sex possible. So if you're a woman who is taller or fatter than your boyfriend or husband, try one of these most excellent tested-and-approved-by-me sex positions.

Sex is personal. And so much about the positions we like depends on our own individual biology. But what if your affinity for the standing 69 has a little bit to do with your star sign? We spoke to Michelle Fedrizzi, experienced astrologer, Reiki Master and founder of Auric, to weigh in. Find out the best sex position for your zodiac sign below.

When it comes to the rock-paper-scissors of sex positions, scissors always wins. To master this move, all you need to do is lie on your back and let your guy do the rest of the work: Have him kneel on the bed in front of you and hold your legs apart in a V-shape. Then as he's thrusting, he can open and close your legs like scissors, creating a sensation that's hard to beat.

I can only come during sex when I am on top. It took me about 28 years to realize it (I just thought I was a woman who could not orgasm), but once I found the right angle and positioning, I realized that cowgirl is the right kind of girl for me. So to me, woman on top sex positions should be where it's at. Not only am I able to control how my g-spot is being hit, but my clitoris is also being stimulated at the same time. When I am on top, I finally feel like I'm taking charge of my own sexual pleasure. And as an adult, it became clearer and clearer to me that I'm not just a receptacle for someone else's pleasure. I deserve my own.

I found a lot of power from being on top. It might be weird to think of cowgirl position as a feminist act, but for me, it finally made me switch my perception of sex. Some sexual positions make me feel like a man is using my body to masturbate into. Being on top, though, makes me the boss. And you should be a boss, too.

The most common of the woman on top sex positions are the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Here, the woman is totally in charge of the speed, depth, motion, and pressure of the sexual experience. It's your world, and your partner is just living in it!

You can use the back or arms of the chair or couch to gain inertia and help get you into positions that a bed might not be able to allow. Additionally, try leaning all the way back in the chair while you are on top, while your partner stimulates your clitoris to add a little oomph to the position. Your significant other will definitely enjoy the view.

So obviously, I'm a big fan of woman on top sex positions. Huge fan of lady orgasms. I like feeling in control in the bedroom. Do you have a favorite position? Let me know in the comments. I could use some more tips.

There are many sex positions that men love, so you try whatever is comfortable. You are in charge, but be careful with your man when you try to ride on him. Be careful with the genital and testicles. Do not go very fast, or you will end up hurting him and pressing his thighs.

You can have his leg lying down or bending his knees. You can ride him on the sides, front and back and not just up and down. Swirling on him gives him immense pleasure. There can be many awesome positions to try if both of you are fit. Just try that if you want to ride him like a pro.

Some psychologists place a lot of significance on eye-to-eye contact, saying "the eyes are the messengers of the soul." So what happens if one woman's favorite intercourse position allows for eye-to-eye contact, but another woman's doesn't? Does this mean the woman who prefers face-to-face positions is more open to intimacy with her partner?

While psychology could be a factor in a woman's choice of intercourse positions, I think it has more to do with where nature placed the nerve bundles in her vagina and on how the structures in her pelvis are oriented, especially her clitoris and uterus. The shape of her partner's penis can also play a role.

A woman with a tipped uterus is more likely to prefer positions where she is face to face with her partner. That's because rear entry or doggie style positions can feel painful, due to the way her uterus is positioned. The missionary position might be her favorite, or she may enjoy a woman-on-top position where she is facing forward, as opposed to a reverse cowgirl. This has little if anything to do with whether she craves eye-to-eye contact with her partner.

Variations in a woman's menstrual cycle can also impact the positions she prefers. The vagina is sensitive to estrogen levels, and these will change depending on where she is in her cycle. A woman's breasts can also become sore or more sensitive during certain times in her cycle. This could have an impact on the positions she prefers and the type of intercourse she wants to have. 350c69d7ab


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