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Kemono For Essential 11

Kamehameha means Turtle Beach Bolt. Kame covers the Turtle part, Hame covers the Beach part, and Ha can actually be translated as either Wave or Bolt, but more often than not Wave. That's why I have to laugh everytime someone quoting the dub refers to it as the "Kamehameha Wave". If it were called that in the original Japanese, it'd be Kamehamehaha. Reminds me of when people call an ATM an ATM Machine. Anyhow, Kamesenin means Turtle Hermit, same as Tsurusenin means Crane Hermit. As above, Kame = Turtle, Tsuru = Crane, Senin = Hermit. And as said above, its Kamikaze, not Kamekaze. Kaze means Wind, and Kami essentially means God, which can also be wanked into meaning "divine". And as said above, Muten Roshi means "Invincible Old Master". Hope that helps. Fuad Ramses 05:13, 9 July 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

kemono for essential 11


I find it strange that we use Muten-Rôshi as the article name when not once do I ever remember him being called such, even in the manga (although I only have the first four volumes of DB and 15 of DBZ). Shouldn't we be using Master Roshi - a more common name - instead? With the Son Goku article, the common name argument was completely different from this one (it was essentially an argument over using his full name or part of it), so please don't use that as an example as to why this title should remain the same. Thoughts? // DecaimientoPoético 01:53, 19 July 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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