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My Wife Is A Vampire Full [CRACKED] Movie Torrent

It's impossible to review Vampire Circus without acknowledging the incredible line-up of performers on display straight out the gate. David Prowse (Darth Vader), Lynne Frederick (the original 'English Rose' and 4th and final wife of Peter Sellers), legendary Hammer character actor Thorley Walters, English thespian Anthony Higgins, Robin Sachs (Galaxy Quest), Lalla Ward (Romana, Doctor Who) and of course, Robert Tayman (Pete Walker's House of Whipcord) as our titular vampire, Count Mitterhaus.

My Wife Is a Vampire full movie torrent

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I was mainly drawn to this for the title. Some times that's all you need to draw you into the big tent. This was a fun over the top revenge flick with creative elements to it. Not a bad looking movie actually with some impressive effects and is well paced that holds a vibe to it. It didn't blow me away but better than a lot of vampire films out there. I wonder what they use to hold up a vampire tent? Hmm?

The DRAMA. Imagine fainting and then all your clothes fall off because you see a sexy vampire (who kills children??). It was more like a period piece thriller with spooky elements than a horror movie but I still had a good time.

This is great for the business, but the flipside is the impact this has on third party development, evidenced by the torrent of low-cost, quick-turnaround, me-too brain and pet games flooding store shelves. Like it or not, this is a sign of a maturing market where every taste, however offensive it may be to a core gamer, is catered to. It's no different from the trashy airport novel, or the straight-to-DVD movie. One thing's for certain, the special club is over.


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