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Esprit Cam Software Torrent

Used in thousands of shops all over the world, ESPRIT CAM software is a global favorite for all types of machining applications. Ranging from small hometown job shops to multinational enterprises, our clients trust ESPRIT to help them create the parts that drive aerospace, medicine, energy, construction, and a host of other industries. Ready to build the future? With ESPRIT, the limit is your imagination.

Esprit Cam Software Torrent

Improved CAD support allows users to better design and visualize parts before manufacturing begins. CAD modeling is an integral part of designing and optimizing any new part, and different software types specialize in different modeling techniques.

DP Technology ESPRIT 2017 R5 is the brilliant assembling answer for any machining application. At the point when you will consolidate these advantages with the world-class specialized help that lets software engineers to begin rapidly and continue running at first rate proficiency. This item has been structured by utilizing 5-pivot coding rate is diminished.

Trial versions are available for most Autodesk products. Download your free 30-days trial version today. You can obtain Autodesk desktop software for development use on an on-going basis by joining ADN.

All the information and resources needed to use Autodesk cloud-based software and components in your own web and mobile applications can be found on the Autodesk Forge Developer Portal. Get easy access to Forge APIs and documentation, tutorials, GitHub samples, support and more.

DP TECHNOLOGY es proveedor líder de software de manufactura asistida por computadora (CAM) para una amplia gama de aplicaciones de máquina herramienta. ESPRIT, es un producto de DP Technology, es un sistema de programación potente, de alto rendimiento y espectro completo para fresadoras, torneado, electroerosión por hilo y máquinas herramienta multitarea. ESPRIT y el personal que lo respalda encarnan la pasión de DP Technology por la excelencia y la visión del potencial de la tecnología.

ESPRIT Freeform Machining Solid Freeform, software para manufactura en fresadoras CNC de superficies complejas como alabes, piezas de fundicion, automotriz y aeroespacial, en una sola operación usando 5 ejes y Zconstante, incluye desbaste y acabado, maquinado de stock, ataque de zonas de retiro de material, simulacino 3D y verificacion de corte.

Alma is the only Cutting CAD/CAM vendor that in parallel with its software applications commercializes its nesting algorithms in the form of software components. These are designed to integrate into applications developed by third parties: CAD/CAM or ERP software developers, manufacturers commercializing their own software, etc.

For 40 years our nesting algorithms have been contributing to delivering superior performance of our Cutting CAD/CAM software products, and now they are available on-line. We are also the only company that commercializes them as software components. Thanks to this unrivaled expertise and our 100% proprietary technology, our nesting software products are helping thousands of companies to save on material consumption, in many different sectors, and for every kind of material.

Your ISP is tracking your every movement online. They can see the sites you visit, when you visit them, how long you lurk there, and more. Your ISP can also see your download activity, including any peer-to-peer services (torrenting, for instance), which they will link directly to your IP address.

2. DP Technology CorpDP Technology Corp.FoundersDanCEO(Relationships, Strategy)-Over 26 years of EXPERIENCEPaul-President(Operations) 3. USAUSA:: Los AngelesLos Angeles --HeadquartersHeadquarters Chicago, New York, CharlotteChicago, NewYork, Charlotte EUROPEEUROPE MontpellierMontpellier-- HeadquartersEuropeHeadquarters EuropeImplantationsImplantationsMontpellierMontpellier-- Headquarters EuropeHeadquarters EuropeNrnberg, BerlinNrnberg, Berlin Florence, MilanoFlorence, MilanoASIAASIA TokyoTokyo -- Headquarters AsiaHeadquarters AsiaShanghaiShanghai 4. 11 Offices11 OfficesDistributionDistribution 11Offices11 Offices 7373 ResellersResellers 55 Countries55 Countries400+400+ dedicateddedicated staffstaff 1515 LanguagesLanguages3 5.TTechechTTeameamTTechechTTeameam 6. 290% Growth290% Growth, 2003,2003 -- 20092009 7. Over 50,000 Licenses InstalledExcess of $30million shipped last year150 Direct Employees around the worldMorethan 400 People Dedicated Worldwide 8. Milling 2Milling 2--5 axis5axisTurn 2Turn 2--22 axis22 axisEDM 2EDM 2--5 axis5 axisGLOBAL CAMOFFEREDM 2EDM 2--5 axis5 axisMillMill--TurnTurnCYB axiscontinuousCYB axis continuous 9. An opened and integrated solutionAll native formats All modelers Integration with bestCAD SystemsThe most powerfulCAM everESPRIT Universal Postprocessors Completelibrary ofpre-defined post-processorCADprocessor Built by theFactoryCNC 10. An opened and integrated solutionDataexchangeFollowing native formats : ACIS (SAT),AutoCAD (DWG), CSV,DXF, AutodeskInventor, IGES, Mechanical Desktop,Parasolid (X_B,X_T), Solid Edge,SolidWorks, TXT, VDA-FS, CATIA V4 etV5,Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics, STEP,STL.ModelersSolid Parasolid, solidACIS, NURBSsurface, STL, 2D/3D Wire frameFeature ExchangeFXInterface with CAD software : SolidEdge, SolidWorks, CATIA V4 etV5,Pro/ENGINEER, UnigraphicsPortions of the CAD Feature Treeareavailable directly inside ESPRITCAD Features include Properties: Name,Description, Type, Category, etc 11. Complete library ofpre-defined post-processorOut-of-the-box ProgrammingMachineSet-upProven Post ProcessorSample ProgramsUniversal PostProcessingSample ProgramsBuilt by the Factoryproven solution to aparticular machiningapplication.Built for companies such as :MoriSeiki, Tsugami, Nakamura-Tome,Citizen, EMCO, Mazak, Okuma 12. CNCPartners in Europe 13. Dynamic Solid SimulationSimulationFast,accurate and reliableAs designed versus AsmachinedCollisiondetectionCollision detectionComplete machningenvironment : machinetool,fixtures, clamps, stock andworkpieceImportSet UpMachineComplete machningenvironment 14. Facing, Pocketing,Contouring Rest Machinig Hole making, Threading, SpiralingWireframe milling, Manual milling Custom Cycle, Park Library ofstandards tools Custom Tools and Holders with anygeometryTraditional2 and 2 axis Index milling with any SolidMillTraditional Using a 4th and/or 5th axis 4th axis rotarymillingProductionSOLIDMILL 4th axis rotary milling Wrap pocketing,contouring and drilling Any style HMC and VMC rotary axes Using anycombination rotary axes Tilting Head Rotary Tables4th and 5thaxisindex and rotarymilling NURBS-based free-form machining 4th-and 5th-axis index positioning FreeForm finishing andproject-contour 5-axis cycles Roughingzigzag, offset or spiralFinishingplanar, translation, normal, rotation, offset, parametricandspiral machining Z-level machining AutomaticRe-machiningFreeForm3 axis and 5 axismilling 15. ContouringDrilling and Hole Making Roughing and Pocket Roughing GroovingThreading Cutoff Part handlingbar feed, part catcher, and partpickup Tailstock Steady rest Library of standard inserts andstandard holdersTraditional2 axisturningSOLIDTURN Library ofstandard inserts and standard holders Unlimited custom tools andholders with any geometry Swiss-style machine support includingsliding headstock Unlimited number of spindles and turrets Fixed ormoving spindles and turrets Gang-, slide-, or turret-based cuttingtools Balanced rough Sync listview cutting operations byturret,spindle orhead Synchronized solid simulation andverification formultiple spindles and multipleturretsProductionMulti-spindle andMulti-turretturning 16.Multitasking millingindependent, synchronized, synchronous 4th-axisrotary mill-turn cycles: Wrap pocketing, contouring anddrillingTraditional : C-axis Multitasking millingindependent,synchronized, synchronous 2-axis off-center mill-turn cycles:Facing, pocketing, Contouring Rest machining Hole making,spiraling, threading,Advanced : Y-axisSOLIDMILLTURN Hole making,spiraling, threading, Wirefrime and manual milling Custom cycle,Park, Insert Multitasking millingindependent, synchronized,synchronous 4th- and 5th-axis (C, B) index positioning Indexmilling with any SolidMillTurn Advanced, machining cycleProduction: B-axis NURBS-based free-form machining from any combination ofsolids, surfaces,and STL* models Multitasking 3Dmillingindependent, synchronized, synchronous 3-axis machiningcycles include: roughing, finishing, Z-level,re-machining,remaining stock machining, project-contouring 5-axismachining cycles include: finishing and project-contouringFreeForm:simultaneous 3-axisand 5-axis 17. 2-axis contouring 3-axistapering and advanced conics Taper control: gradual and pivotConstant and variable land Radius corner styles: cylindrical,constant radius and conicalconstant taper Programmed independentupper and lower radii Sharp corner styles: sharp and blendedCAM for25axis wire EDMSOLIDWIRE Sharp corner styles: sharp and blended4-axis UV, XY machining Unlimited synchronization between upper(UV) and lower (XY)profiles 3D non-planar UV, XY profiles andnon-planar workpiece fixturing 5th-axis control Automated FeatureRecognition for EDM Contouringuniversal cutting cycle for allstyles of EDMprofiles and shapes: cores, cavities, punches, dies,etc. Pocketingslugless no-core cutting, optimized for start holeDrillingEDM hole popper Part handlingthreading, flushing, tankdrain and fillaxis wire EDM 18. A win-win partnership 50-50% From5000 to 20000$ per seatLicencesRevenues SMC Contrats : 12% (1version/year) 40-60%MaintenanceRevenues NET 45 days Local BankLeasingPaymentsterms 19. Situation in RUSSIA ESPRIT in RussianBrochure in Russian Online HELP + Training Guide Online HELP +Training Guide Russian websiteAround 300 customers from LO CNITI,SOLVER, ONA,SODICK, SARIX, HAAS, EMCO,.. Perhaps already insideROSCOSMOS group! 20. Situation in RUSSIA 21. CAM project Which CADWhich Machine : brand and model Which control Process from Designto ProductionCAD ESPRIT CNC 22. Feed-back DP TechnologyProgram partCheck PPQuestionsCAD + CADfileMachine /ControlDesignprocessShowvideoswith Similarmachines around 100videosCAM projectStandardsales processBenchSeconddemoNegociationSecond meetingPresentationVideos PriceEvaluationlicenceProgram part Check PP 23.Pre-salesTechnical supportSEND CAD file, PP,machine, web- SalessupportTrainingTechnical Training 1 week Sales Training 1 websessionCAM projectTeamArea Manager : IrinaVoronkinaIndirectSalesManager : DavidMeynaudTechnical AccountManager :SimonJakubkaProjectFirst project Second trainingTechnical supportmachine, web-session,..Sales support 24. Part Number PriceBaselicense includes the following ESPRIT components: 2D/3D wire framemodeler, Parasolid solidmodeler, NURBS surface modeler, Adaptivefeature recognition, Cutting tool and Speed and FeedKnowledgeBase,Universal post processing, Solid simulation and verification,Visual Basic forApplications and ESPRIT API; Native file readersfor ACIS, DXF, IGES, Inventor (*.ipt, *.iam), Parasolid(X_T, X_B),Solid Edge (*.par, *.psm, *.asm), SolidWorks (*.sldprt, *.sldasm),VDA; Feature exchangefor Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks.21/2-axis millingESPRIT MillingESPRIT License98020 ESPRIT-Commercial License $2,200.00Name$3,800.0098103 SolidMillProduction$2,300.0098101 SolidMill Traditional2 1/2-axis milling,4th and 5th axis indexing, 4th axis rotary milling, includesSolidMill Traditional2-axis turning2-axis turning, multi-spindle& multi-turret synchronized turning, includes SolidTurnTraditionalC-axis index and rotary millingC-axis index and rotarymilling, Y-axis index milling, includes SolidMillTurnTraditionalC-axis index and rotary milling, Y-axis index milling,B-axis index milling, includes SolidMillTurnTraditional &Advanced98205 SolidTurn Production $5,300.0098208 SolidMillTurnProduction$800.0098207 SolidMillTurn Advanced98201 SolidTurnTraditionalESPRIT Turning$2,300.0098206 SolidMillTurnTraditionalESPRIT MillTurn$3,000.00$5,300.00 25. Simultaneous3-axis multi-surface/solid 3D milling, an add-on for SolidMill orSolidMillTurnSimultaneous 3-axis multi-surface/solid 3D milling,simultaneous 5-axis multi-surface/solid milling, anadd-on forSolidMill or SolidMillTurn98107 FreeForm 5-axis $9,300.00ESPRITWire EDM$4,800.0098106 FreeForm 3-axisFreeForm Milling /Millturn2-axis and advanced taper wire EDM2-axis and advanced taperwire EDM, 4- and 5-axis wire EDM, includes SolidWire Gold98703$1,900.00Data ImportCATIA, PRO/E, UG or STL Native FileReaderESPRIT Wire EDM98304 SolidWire Gold $1,500.00$3,000.0098305SolidWire Platinum 26. 4 27. 5 28. 6 29. Success StoryAerospaceBOEING : Milling operations on wings operated byESPRITwith KBM.SNECMA (ARIANE) : Turn and Mill TurnCNCmachines.machines.AIRBUS : SCHOOL + CNC MACHINESEADS : 5 AXISROBOTSUB-CONTRACTORS : M&M Manufacturing, AeroComponents, DeltaPattern,..MORI SEIKI : BOEING, AIRBUS, EADS,..TURBINES, IMPELLERS,BLADE : Specific Modules


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