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School Membership Application

The fee for full-day students in New York schools is $23 pp. Students enrolled part-time in early childhood programs are calculated by half-day session.


Sessions up to 3 hours in duration are considered half-day, and sessions more than 3 hours in duration are considered full-day. ​

For each category, please enter the number of students enrolled in the quantity. Your school's fees will automatically be calculated and totaled. If a category does not apply to your school, please leave the quantity blank. Should you need assistance, contact Laura Labenberg at

Note: There is a minimum membership fee of $200.  

Payment Deadlines

Pay entire dues by October 15th OR in two installments: 50% of total due on October 15th with the balance due on January 15th. If you need additional payment plans, please contact

Please use the following form to calculate your fee. Kindly remember that the minimum membership is $200.

After calculating your membership fee,

kindly fill the following form to make the payment.

Membership Form

Minimum membership fee is $200

Please choose all that apply:

Min Membership fee is $200

Thanks for your support!

Alternative Payment by Check:

Check made out to "Lutheran Schools Association" can be mailed to

LSA c/o Atlantic District- LCMS 1385 Broadway, Floor 12, New York, NY 10018-6118

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