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Where Can I Buy Mont Blanc Pens

Where Can I Buy Mont Blanc Pens --->

There's no question that Montblanc is the most well-known fine pen brand in the world, and it has a reputation for being the best in the market. Although there are other fine pens that compare to or surpass Montblanc in the eyes of fountain pen aficionados, none has the recognition of a Montblanc, and there is something about the very word "Montblanc" that carries with it a feeling that these pens are in a league of their own. Customers who come in looking for a very special pen (either as a gift or as an item of exceptional significance for themselves) almost always end up choosing a Montblanc, even after I show them other highly esteemed fine pen brands like S.T. Dupont, Graf von Faber-Castell, Visconti, Pelikan, and Otto Hutt. They consider the other pen models briefly, hold them in their hands, admire their features, and then say something like, "But it's not a Montblanc."

The Montblanc company had a humble beginning. It was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1906 by August Eberstein, an engineer from Berlin, along with stationer Claus-Johannes Voss and banker Alfred Nehemias, both from Hamburg. They began as the Simplo Filler Pen company, producing a range of simple to use fountain pens designed not to leak. The "simplicissimus" pen included a built-in ink well. In 1909, they created the Rouge et Noir (a name still given to pens in Montblanc's "Heritage" line), referring to the safest way of playing roulette: betting on both red and black at the same time. This "safe" pen was engineered to eliminate the risk of ink stains.

You may have noticed the number 4810 engraved on the nib of Montblanc fountain pens. It's also often used by Montblanc as a limited edition production number. This number refers to the height of the mountain in meters above sea level.

Montblanc's famous white star emblem (introduced in 1913) also references the mountain's peak. It represents the six snow-covered glaciers at Mont Blanc's summit, and thus equates Montblanc with the pinnacle. It's fascinating how words like "peak," "pinnacle," and "summit" are used to describe mountains but also refer to the most successful and the highest attainable level of achievement. Montblanc chose their logo well, and they prominently feature it on their pens' caps, so it's easy to see it when you carry a Montblanc in your pocket or if you write with the cap posted on the back of the pen. A Montblanc's cap conveys an unmistakable message.

Montblanc uses the Meisterstück shape in many of their limited edition pen lines, such as Around The World In 80 Days, Le Petit Prince, Great Masters, and UNICEF, and it is also available in beautiful variations like their Calligraphy series and their new blue-tone Glacier line, but in this article I'm going to keep it simple and just focus on the iconic classic black Meisterstück fountain pens.

In fact, I was nervous about taking Monblanc pens home with me, so I just chose three representative pens to photograph and examine--one to represent each of the sizes we carry (149, 146, and 145) and in each of the trim colors (gold, red gold, and platinum). The 149 size is always a fountain pen, but 146 and 145 are also available in rollerball and ballpoint, and there are sometimes pencil versions as well. A lot of the information I will be discussing in this article pertains to all Meisterstück writing instruments, so please keep reading even if you aren't interested in a fountain pen. As I started to think about all the exponential Meisterstück variations, I got overwhelmed very quickly, so I decided a simple and focused approach was best. Let's begin with the first and largest.

When choosing a nib size, think about what the pen will be used for. If you want a pen for distinctive and dramatic signatures, choose a broad nib or even one of the special order nibs. If you have smaller handwriting and will be taking a lot of notes or writing in a journal, I'd recommend a fine or extra-fine nib. Montblanc's nibs are wide, so my favorite when


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