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Where Can I Buy A Water Meter

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Where Can I Buy A Water Meter

Take control of your water usage and bring quirky facts to the backyard barbeque. Flume pinpoints your indoor versus outdoor use with down-to-the-minute, source-specific, water use reports and insights.

In order to stay in compliance with Town Ordinance Sec. 70-468(2), which states that meters one inch or smaller must be tested or replaced every ten years, Meter Services schedules the replacement of water meters that are 10 or more years old on an annual basis. The Town's Ordinance is also in line with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), which states that replacing meters every 10 years or every 1 million gallons is the ideal time to change out residential meters.

When your meter is changed, a representative of the Town will knock on your door and notify you that your water will be turned off briefly while your meter is changed. There is no direct charge to you for a new meter. The new meter will be a radio-read meter that emits the reading electronically, which does not require meter technicians to stop at your meter box every time they need a reading.

In addition to the water meter installations, the City has also addressed aging infrastructure and many project areas also included additional improvements, such as relocating backyard water main pipelines to the street and replacing older mains located within the street.

Despite these challenges, the City has made steady progress over the past several years toward installing meters, as well as securing funding through rate increases, grants and bond sales to help accelerate the program and minimize the financial burden on customers.

In case of a water leak or other water emergency, here's how to locate your water meter and turn off the water supply to your home or irrigation system. It's really quite simple if you know what to look for and what to do.

This flow indicator triangle (#1.) rotates whenever water flows through the meter. If the triangle turns when all the water is off on your property, you may have a leak, which should be investigated.

Each full revolution of the register sweep hand (#2.) indicates that one cubic foot of water (about 7.48 gallons) has passed through the meter. The markings at the outer edge of the dial indicate tenths and hundredths of one cubic foot.

The water meter register (#3.) is a lot like the mileage odometer on your car. The numbers keep a running total of all the water that has passed through the meter. How does LVMWD read this meter? The meter is read in HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet), the HCF is then converted to units of water. One unit of water is 748 gallons. For example, if your previous meter read was 1,325 and today's read is 1,332, you have used 7 units of water between reads.

Write down the reading on the register of your meter and mark the position of the register sweep hand on the glass face of the meter dial, aslo watch the flow indicator triangle (1.) rotates whenver water flows through the meter. If the triangle turns when all the water is off on your property, you may have a leak, which should be investigated.

Wait approximately 15 minutes and look at the meter again. If the sweep hand has moved or the reading has changed you may have a leak on your property. Locating and fixing a leak may require a plumber or other professional.

Another area to check is your lawn irrigation system, especially if it's automated and goes on when you are asleep or away from your home. Manually operate the stations and look for broken sprinkler heads. Also check for water bubbling from the ground, which could indicate a broken pipe.

The image of the water meter in the service box shows a typical water service for a residential customer. Starting from the street side of the service, #1 is the district's service valve (to be manipulated ONLY by district technicians), #2 is the water meter (which records your water use), and #3 is the customer handle, installed so you can shut off the water to your ho


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