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Vuforia Video Playback Unitypackage ((HOT)) Download

Stop asking to be sent the video playback package. Since version 2017.3 it doesn't exist and isn't needed. It is now part of the core features. If you want to find out how to integrate video with your project, download the "Core Features" pack which will demonstrate it.

Vuforia Video Playback Unitypackage Download

Use Vuforia Engine to build Augmented Reality Android, iOS, and UWP applications for mobile devices and AR glasses. Apps can be built with Unity, Android Studio, Xcode, and Visual Studio. Vuforia Engine can be easily imported into Unity by downloading and double-clicking the .unitypackage below.

The SDK includes the following demo scenes for Daydreamand Cardboard: Scene Description HelloVR Simple VR game in which you find and select a geometric shape KeyboardDemo Daydream: Shows keyboard input on a UI canvas PermissionsDemo Daydream: Shows a correct user permissions request flow VideoDemo Shows various ways to use stereo or 360 video through playback or remote streaming Hello6DoFControllers Demonstrates use of experimental 6DoF controllers

Is there a folder in Assets called Vuforia? If not, you need to install the asset library by downloading from inside the Vuforia developer portal. If there is a "Vuforia" folder, the library seems corrupt so reinstall. You will need to import the vuforia asset library into every project you start in Unity.

Please try downloading the below unitypackage. this enables the Vuforia SDK to build Android, iOS, and UWP applications for mobile devices and digital eyewear. Apps can be built with Android Studio, XCode, Visual Studio, and Unity.

Unity 2.0 launched in 2007 with approximately 50 new features.[13] The release included an optimized terrain engine for detailed 3D environments, real-time dynamic shadows, directional lights and spotlights, video playback, and other features.[13] The release also added features whereby developers could collaborate more easily.[13] It included a Networking Layer for developers to create multiplayer games based on the User Datagram Protocol, offering Network Address Translation, State Synchronization, and Remote Procedure Calls.[13]

Drag the downloaded unity package into the Assets folder of the project (in unity ui, not windows explorer, or you do it by Assets->Import Package->Custom Package at the tabs on the top similiar to microsoft word file imports), a window will pop out, make sure all the checkboxes are ticked and click Import. You should see a vuforia engine button now available when you right click on the left panel in the image below (left), then create an ImageTarget and an ARCamera.


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