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Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 V20.5.0.60 [UPD]

when i tried to burn the files onto a disc, i got an error message: "cannot download content from the internet on a computer without a broadband connection." that seems like a pretty big limitation. you can't burn media files, like downloaded from the internet, on to a disc without a broadband connection. corel does have the option to download content from the internet to a computer's hard drive, but you'll need a broadband connection to do it. if you try to burn video files from a dvd to disc, you'll get a similar error message. i suggest setting up a broadband connection to use corel videostudio, or at least getting a card with a built-in broadband card. this is not a problem with the program's features, but rather the lack of broadband connection. you can download the program files from the internet, and install them on your pc using a broadband connection, but you'll have to create a broadband connection first.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 v20.5.0.60


each effect can be applied to a different part of a movie for editing. you can make the transition from one clip to another seamless. if you want to chop a scene out, or remove portions of a clip, you can do so easily. you can use a background music clip to transition between clips. so far, corel videostudio does not include a software application for photos. you can import photos from most cameras, but you have to use a third-party application for the photos to be saved and edited. the program comes with a variety of themes that you can apply to the program's interface. you can change the fonts, colors, and even the background in the program. you can even change the theme of the interface to match the interface of the operating system.


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