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Buy Baby Grand Piano


Buy Baby Grand Piano

Baby grand pianos provide sonorous, concert-quality sound without taking up as much space as grand pianos or concert grand pianos. As with all grand pianos, the horizontal action of the hammers on the piano strings make baby grand pianos a superior option to uprights, because notes are repeated more reliably and with more consistent tone.

Before being placed in our showrooms for sale, each of our used baby grand pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process to deliver the highest-quality acoustic piano possible in regard to sound quality, overall performance and visual aesthetic. Learn more about our Certified Reconditioning Process, review our baby grand pianos for sale below, or visit our College Park, MD, showroom for an in-person look at our used baby grand pianos. Call us at 877-635-1699 to make an appointment today!

There are slight variations in baby grand piano widths from brand to brand, usually between 2 to 3 inches as a result of rim thickness or cast-iron plate design. The width of a grand piano is the same as the width of an upright piano (+/- 2 or 3 inches). So, while a vertical or upright piano may seem more compact, in reality its placement is limited to a wall (because the back of a vertical piano is sometimes not always pretty), and a baby grand can be placed with the front, tail or side into the room.

When planning your room, there are several things to consider when placing a baby grand piano. Try to avoid direct sunlight because UV rays can fade the wood finish. If you have windows treated with a protectant film, this is not a concern.

So, what do you do if your placement options are limited and your humidity fluctuates There are remedies. You can have your piano technician install a Piano Life Saver System which is a humidifier and dehumidifier all in one.

Pianos are composed of a myriad of complex internal mechanisms, and while the heavy weight of the instrument might suggest an indestructible piece of furniture, it is anything but. It is an expensive and delicate keepsake that requires special care. A piano, ANY piano, should only be moved by professional piano movers and NOT by standard house movers if you want to avoid damage.

You might compare shopping for a baby grand piano to shopping for an automobile. Brands make an enormous difference. If you purchase a Rolls Royce you expect a very high quality in craftsmanship, materials, design and exclusivity as well as a memorable VIP shopping experience. On the other hand if you purchase a Suzuki, you are purchasing a fully functional car with a different quality level at a very different price point. The same can be said for baby grand pianos.

There are dozens of brands in the piano manufacturing industry today producing everything from baby grand pianos to concert grand pianos, some among these concentrate on producing the most exclusive and highest quality pianos while the purpose of others is to produce a more affordable baby grand piano.

The length of warranties is usually five to fifteen years, and their length has nothing to do with the quality of the instrument. Warranties are often marketing tools, and can be used just to bolster sales. The owner has the responsibility to annually tune, regulate and check the piano.

What about rebuilt pianos Do not expect a properly rebuilt piano to be cheap. There are very few shops or technicians capable of doing this type of work well. When you take an old piano and completely gut it, you are in effect (re) building the piano. Some parts will of course remain such as the rim and the plate of the piano and these will just be refinished. Everything else will be rebuilt or replaced. If you find a rebuilt Steinway or Mason & Hamlin, are you really buying a Steinway or is it just a pretty cabinet carrying the Steinway logo with a subpar piano parts and workmanship. Some dealers take advantage of the name but it is up to you to research to confirm that the rebuilder is qualified and using top notch parts and materials.

A player system can be added to a new or existing piano. To ensure proper installation and operation of this fairly complex system, we recommend using only certified PianoDisc or QRS technicians. Euro Pianos Naples provides PianoDisc installations and upgrades in South Florida.

What do you think sounds better an orchestra or a recording of an orchestra To reproduce the sound of a piano, it must be recorded using a very high-quality microphone to an audio source, then reading the audio file onto a high-quality device after which the sound is reproduced through the speaker system (probably the weakest link in the chain). Digital pianos only produce previously recorded sounds, while an acoustic piano allows you to create an array of tonal nuances. There is no comparison between the sound of an acoustic baby grand piano to that of a digital grand piano.

The action on a baby grand piano as you read above is a complex mechanism consisting of thousands of moving parts that transform energy to the string when you press a key. The more expensive digital baby grand piano will try to mimic the weight distribution of an acoustic piano key, but advanced pianists will still notice the limitations of the action.

Acoustic baby grands come with three or four pedals. Some digital baby grands have only one pedal. If pedaling is important to your playing, make sure to purchase a digital baby grand piano with 3 pedals.

Instruments besides the piano. With the digital piano, you can produce the sound of almost any instrument, ranging from a saxophone to a choir and everything in between. You can compose with the different instruments, choosing what best suits you. A drum beat track, for example, could transform your keyboard into a small ensemble.

Recording: Your digital baby grand has a port that connects to your computer. This connection allows you to record and store your own music and playing as a digital file. This is a very useful tool, especially for budding songwriters, who can manipulate their recordings with software. Acoustic pianos can be outfitted with a recording strip that would do just the same.

Volume control: The digital piano comes with a volume knob and a headphone output, allowing you to practice anywhere without disturbing others. This is the single biggest advantage to purchasing a digital grand piano.

Staying in Tune: Because there are no strings, digital pianos do not require tuning. If you are in a climate where you are unable to stabilize the humidity (we are talking about drastic humidity changes), you should consider a digital piano. Beachfront restaurants or cruise ships come to mind.

Size: Acoustic pianos make use of every possible inch of length to improve sound (longer strings, larger soundboard area) whereas digital pianos employ acoustic systems. That is why digital pianos can be as short as 2 feet. Any additional length is for decorative purposes only.

Besides their line of traditional looking pianos, Bluthner also produces an ever-expanding line of acrylic baby grand pianos. The Hive elegance is available in black, white or red as a baby grand and in larger sizes.

Certified Pre-owned pianos offered by authorized dealers are typically not older than 30 years and in good condition, having been checked by a professional piano technician. Certified Pre-owned pianos can run into the $20,000-$60,000 range and more for newer reputable brands and models.

Also, this range incorporates new Essex baby grands, the most affordable of the Steinway-designed pianos. A new model in this line is possible in this price range. Read more about their smaller grands here, like the EGP-155C Classic Grand and the EGP-155F French Provincial, starting at $15,900. Or you could look into the small Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Piano, starting at $15,299.

The quality advantage of getting a Certified Pre-owned model comes from knowing that all Steinway parts have been used in any repairs. Steinway Authorized Dealers only certify pianos that are 30 years old or less.

This upper range of cost yields several advantages to the buyer who is in a position to pay more for a new baby grand. A new baby grand has a longer life, as it is freshly made. Plus, many piano companies offer a warranty with a new piano.

Steinway & Sons also offers a trade-up policy for any new Steinway, Boston, or Essex piano purchase. When you purchase any new or Pre-owned Steinway, you will receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway or Steinway-Designed piano of greater value for the lifetime of the instrument.

The size of the soundboard is the most important aspect of sound production from a piano, so having a slightly shorter soundboard is a necessary compromise for the sake of space and cost. A Baby Grand Piano is an excellent alternative and holds its own if space is a concern; the soundboard size shrinks, of course, but not nearly as much as an upright piano.

To maintain its value, regular maintenance like tuning, dusting, and polishing is a necessity. The national average for a piano tuning is between $100-$200 and is recommended annually, but regular dusting and polishing can be done by you. Consider investing in well-known brands, too, as they hold their retail value much better than the lesser-known brands. Some brands can even appreciate or hold, like Yamaha, but take care to note the specific model.

A Baby Grand Piano is a beautiful instrument. Cost-effective, space-saving, and with minimal sound compromise, a Baby Grand Piano is a great addition to any home. Bringing the rich sound and beautiful body of a piano into your home will add unforgettable experiences and indispensable bonding moments.

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